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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tramigo M1 Mobile Phone Tool beta for almost any mobile phone

Your Tramigo T22 unit is now easier to locate with the help of the M1 Java tool. There is no need to remember the T22 commands; M1 Java provides menus commands, so you can instantly find the current location of your vehicle or change the reporting settings. This is an excellent tool for all frequent T22 users - for example a multi-vehicle family or a small company.

The tool is currently in public beta testing. Please let us know about any problems!

The support email for this tool is M1JAVA@tramigo.com. We would love to hear your opinion, please do not hesitate to send an email.

And here's the good news! they are looking for distributor specifically that Tramigo 22 as a Nigeria Mobile Tracker.If your interested then be a Re-Sellers Wanted Nationwide. Low Cost Car and Personal Trackers!

Supported languages are English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tramigo M1 Smart Phone Tool Supports now Nokia 3rd Edition S60 Phones

Your Tramigo T22 unit is now easier to locate with the launching of the Nokia 3rd Edition S60 Support. There's no need to remember the simple T22 commands; the M1 software provides menus commands, so you can instantly find the current location of your vehicle. This is excellent tool for frequent T22 user and multi-vehicle family or company user. Note, that you can use as a normal user T22 even with the simplest possible GSM phone.

Tramigo M1 Smart Phone Tool Please download the M1 Smart Phone tool from this link.

Read the rest of the article here: gps tracking device

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jaguar Engine Parts

One of the reasons why you have the most promising and over compelling Jaguar vehicle is its powerful engines, no doubt why different car manufacturers are committing all their effort and geniuses in creating highly functional and sophisticatedly designed engines. Engines undergo a series of meticulous construction process because of their complexity in terms of structures as well as its function on vehicles.

The Jaguar engine parts of your vehicle will require being on its fit functional ability so they can generate the needed motion from the diesel supply. The major components that are essentially considered as a part of the internal combustion engine include the cylinder head, piston and piston rings. The various valves are responsible for ejecting the fuel and allowing the expulsion of the combustion products from the cylinder. The designs of the cylinder head, piston and piston rings which are the major components of the internal combustion engine are considered as especially essential. Various valves are tasked to eject the fuel and permit the combustion byproducts to get out of the cylinder. The camshafts, crankshafts, oil pumps and others are also essential for the peak performance prowess of your engine.

The Jaguar engine parts works hand-in-hand so that your engine can produce the power that you’re about to anticipate and experience with your Jaguar vehicle. Your vehicle’s engine mechanism has a responsibility of unleashing the power of your vehicle. It is the structure that drives your vehicle on its optimal performance. Most recent generations of Jaguar models are outfitted with engine parts that are designed for running their vehicle producing their best and maximum capability.

Street Racing Parts

For performance enthusiasts who always crave for peak road power, precision engineered superior racing parts are the best choice to achieve that ultimate racing performance. GearHead Racing Parts offers vast selections of street racing parts and import racing parts that are guaranteed manufactured with high quality and utmost racing performance features that will function and perform at their best under all conditions. Because our site is committed in meeting the performance tuning needs for street racing cars and racing events, we specialize in performance parts that will further upgrade and elevate your car’s air intake systems, suspension systems, fuel management, engine and transmission, exhaust system, and all others. These parts are built with the single-minded purpose of unleashing every vehicle’s power, allowing it to perform at its peak.

If you are a racing buff, you have just found the right site for premium grade racing parts. Nothing beats the quality of our entire street and import racing parts as well as their affordable prices. Whatever you want for a performance part, surely you can easily find it here. If you want to boost your engine’s power, various high precision racing engine parts are readily available here. These parts are guaranteed made to meet strict quality standards and have passed stringent testing procedures to ensure that they deliver the designed functions exactly the way they are originally made. Keep your vehicle performing and looking at its best by installing superb racing auto parts here at our site.

Acura in Russia Next Year

The Honda Motor Co. already has marketing plans to sell units from their luxury brand, the Acura, in Russia. The plan is to go about with it next year. This move would be taken by Acura so attend to the needs of the market as well as to steal consumers from its rivals like the Toyota Motor Corp. and the Nissan Motor Co.

In the coming years, Honda will open more sales offices in Russia. The plan is to put it up in Russia’s major cities such as Moscow and at the St. Petersburg. As the Russian demand for luxury brands increase, most probably due to the country’s increasing economy, many consider this move by Honda a good one. The automaker plans to boost their sales in Russia. The target is to sell 100,000 units by 2010. They were able to sell 15,723 units last year but with the additional sales offices, the target is not that hard to meet. Along with these plans, Honda will push forth the introduction of Acura to Russia.

Russian demand for new vehicles scaled up to 1.8 million units sold in 2006. Experts are projecting that the figures will continue to rise annually. Some are even speculating on the possibility of having a 20 percent increase of demands in the coming years.

Last year, Toyota was able to sell 106,000 vehicles in Russia. Nissan, on the other hand, was able to sell 76,000 units. With the coming of Acura in Russia next year, the statistics are likely to change.

Chevrolet Pickups Recalled

In the latest news, The National Highway Traffic Administration ordered General Motors Corp. to recall 11,974 of its Sierra and pickup trucks. This is due to the faulty crankshaft positioning sensor. The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA) believes that the crankshaft positioning sensor in Chevy pickup trucks can and are likely to fail. It may operate and function well from time to time but it is eventually bound to fail. Failure and even intermittent operations can lead to a poor and rough run of the Chevy truck. It may even cause the engine to stall and no one wants that to happen.

In case the sensors fail entirely, the one using the Chevy pickup truck will not be able to restart it. In the words of the NHTA, “these failures can increase the risk of a crash.” To ensure the safety of Chevy pickup truck users, Chevrolet, with the aid of its dealers will replace the faulty crankshaft positioning sensor free of charge. This will take place after the recall begins next month.

Shocks and Struts Comic Strip

Primarily due to our busy schedule, my friend and I were unable to come up with comic strips for the past weeks. This, however, is one of the two strips we were able to think of while we were busy with other things. In this one, we tried to look at other effects of having bad shocks, which includes a person enduring a bumpy ride and having a nice hairdo after absorbing all the shocks. To prevent this from happening, visit the Bilstein shocks website. Have fun reading!